Includes new UI personalization options and many stability improvements.

The Advanced tab makes a comeback. You can find it the TripMode settings, allowing you to customize the look and feel and make TripMode more accessible.

The new Advanced tab in TripMode 3.1.2

The advanced tab includes:

Added macOS Monterey compatibility, window resizing, and much more in this release.

The new TripMode 3.1 popover can now be resized for more convenience

Let’s get right into it:

The new version allows you to find specific apps quicker via it’s new search box. We’re also adding a one-time purchase option and a limited 100% free version on the Mac App Store.

Find the apps that you need in a second, with the new TripMode search box

Finding apps the easy way

If you’ve been running TripMode non-stop for a little while, then this feature is for you. …

The App Inspector screen of TripMode 3 now shows download and upload traffic indicators
Refreshed App Inspector, which now includes upload and download indicators

This new version of TripMode includes a lot of stability and usability improvements, adds AppleScript support, and includes a few bug fixes.

We introduced a key change in the setup and update process, that should make it smoother. When updating TripMode, it should now happen silently and no longer ask…

Introducing new data usage reports for your Mac!

In this update, we added something that was requested a lot: new reports! They now also cover your total data usage, regardless if TripMode was turned on or not. Users who mainly use the Live Monitoring mode will find this useful.

You can still view reports for filtered data only…

David Dudok de Wit

TripMode / Growth @ ProtonMail

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